One Word - December 16, 2019

One Word - December 16, 2019

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Join me in the studio where I will guide you through body, mind and spirit connection exercises.

“One Word” is something that I have practiced for several years.  Each year I pick "One Word" that guides me through the coming year.  I have been amazed each year at how having "One Word" drives my intentions, goals and also surprises me when I'm not so focused.  The year I chose "fly" for example became a year filled with trips all over the world!  I had no plans to travel that year and in fact was focused on family, however my "One Word" had other plans for me.  The year I chose "epic" was most certainly a VERY "epic" year.  In 2019 my one word was "MAGIC" and many magical things happened for me that I had no idea where coming.  

Everything you intend to "create" is supported by your "One Word".  Let's do this together!  

Experience the healing power of art and leave with your word on canvas to adorn your home and ignite the MAGIC of new beginnings.
ALL supplies are included
No experience necessary
Space is limited
Monday, December 16, 2019, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm